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Mike Middleton again with a very nice 5.5lb turbot Mike George shows off a Bull Huss of about 10lb The Maestro John Bentley with a nice brace of turbot
Clive Jones with his a nice 2lb garfish Greg Laycock with a lovely thornback ray John Bentley again showing off a nice bass

Ron Webb & Gordon Wheatley agree how much better things were in the old days

Mike Middleton with a fantastic 29.5lb cod caught out of Swansea Danglers in action - L-R James Phillips, John 'The Maestro' Bentley, Ian Phillips, Nigel 'Conger' Davies, Mark Bentley, Ron Webb
Ian Phillips with a nice 10lb spurdog Greg Laycock with a nice 11lb spurdog Where have all the fishies gone?
Greg Laycock struggling with the tail of his 80lb blue shark Mike Steer's superb 140lb Porbeagle Shark, the club's heaviest fish of the 2004 season Simon King receiving some help from Celtic Wildcat Assistant Skipper Adam O'Sullivan with a nice haul of codling
Alun Lewis, skipper of the Cleddau King, wrestling with a nice blue shark courtely of Mark James Boys in green - Roger Reynolds & Martin Lewis take a break between wrecks John Bentley & Pete Tadman try to stay dry en route to location
James Phillips with a nice Tope John Bentley & Greg Laycock on the way home after a long day with rod in hand Sabre Tooth skipper Steve Hambridge helps in the effort to boat Greg Laycock's first blue shark which tipped the scales at 80lb - check the anger shown in the shark's eye!
Awards night for the club Honorary Secretary Craig Roberts in his element - clipboard and paperwork in hand with trophy presenter Mrs Barnikel also in shot Charlie Chase collecting his Bass Trophy in 2002 from Mrs Barnikel
'Wildcat' Skipper Nick O'Sullivan holding up a cup winning 10.5lb  Pollack caught by Ian Phillips The ever present seagulls forming their part in the food chain Ray
Ray Ray Ray for young Mr Bentley
Ray for young Mr Jones An extremely RARE picture of John Bentley not actually POSING for a photo Dad always told me to never take my eye of my rod tip, now his rod tip is wagging but I don't think I'll bother telling him, he looks busy right now

Photographs On This Page Courtesy Of Greg Laycock


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